The name says it all, creamy pleasure – Intensity: 10/13.

This blend combines the pleasant characteristics of sweetness (Arabica 60%) with the strength (Robusta 40%) that give power to the espresso. It combines the aromatic qualities of delicate coffees with those of stronger, more nuanced coffees, ranging from roast to chocolate. This creation is slightly sweet and balanced, with a full body. The fragrant aromas of fine coffees provide a particularly long-lasting aftertaste. The CREMA produced is abundant, high and consistent.

CU*: 10 capsules, TU: 10 CU, equivalent to 100 capsules

100% compostable capsules, compatible with the Nespresso system. Nespresso is a brand owned by Nestlé and is in no way associated with our company or the company of the manufacturer.

*CU = consumer unit = sales unit for end customers; TU = trade unit = sales unit for resellers – price quotation per TU excl. VAT. – Minimum order quantity = 1 TU – Recommended retail price: CHF 4.40 (incl. 2.5 %) per CU


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