Intensa – all organic coffee



100% organic – Can’t be topped in terms of sustainability.

Intenso organic blend is 100% organic and is made from the best raw materials. Cultivated in a natural way that respects the environment. Excellent for body and strength, it has an aroma with intense pleasant notes of “roasted” and a strong and fresh taste. Its lively and persistent aftertaste makes it perfect for any break. Pleasant for the lush crema it produces, it is full-bodied, velvety and round. Made with full-bodied and fragrant Robusta coffees (70%) and aromatic and smooth Arabica coffees (30%), this blend is designed to give espresso a strong, intense and clean taste.

CU*: 10 capsules, TU: 10 CU, equivalent to 100 capsules.

100% compostable capsules, compatible with the Nespresso system. Nespresso is a brand owned by Nestlé and is in no way associated with our company or the company of the manufacturer.

*CU = consumer unit = sales unit for end customers; TU = trade unit = sales unit for resellers – price quotation per TU excl. VAT. – Minimum order quantity = 1 TU – Recommended retail price: CHF 4.90 (incl. 2.5 %) per CU


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